Chatter That Matters: October 18, 2012

caines | 10/18/2012, 6:30 a.m.

Ninety-seven golden years found matriarch Mary Cogwell Farrington sitting in her wheel chair surrounded by her children, grand children, and great grands, while her granddaughter Regina placed a tiara on her head as her family gathered for the surprise festivity led by daughters: Mary Jean Glover, Ruth Lewis, Charlene Fox (Donald), Carolyn Lockhart (Joseph), Jacqueline Plummer (Dexter), Joi and Candice, Michael and Travis, Dexter Jr., Dionne, Fabian, Ashley, Ryan and Jasmine, Taimyr, Richelle and Erin, Mark Lockwood, Charles Cooper, and Kenya Capehart, Ramiah Strachan, Richard, Reginal and Lori Strachan. Other relatives included: Dexter, Ethan, and Erin, Yekerria, Linda and Maya, Fabian and Jadyann, Camile Normil, Lotoya, Dereck, Carlton Williams, Mrs. Yvonne, and Rodan The blessing of the food was done by Dexter Sr. Afterwards everyone presented the honoree with a birthday card. Other guests included Jean Brown, Brenda Tynes, Richelle and friends from Daytona Beach. For graduating students seeking assistance, please contact your CAP advisor for applications at Miami Carol City, Miami Central, Miami Edison, Miami Jackson, North Miami, Northwestern, Booker T. Washington, Southridge, Miami Norland, North Miami, and N. Miami Beach. If you need help in filling out the application, please call, 305-625-5599, Mr. Paschal, III. It was my honor to run into Cathy Thomas, the daughter of Lord Flea, legendary Calypso singer who educated South Florida with his band. Cathy would like for his fans to know she has children carrying on his legacy, such as Banband Thomas, Norman Thomas, Henry T. and Devin Seymour. Lord Flea will be remembered for packing The Patio Club, Harlem Square, and Elks Club over the years and participating in parades in Overtown. His other musician friends hang out at 63rd and 17th Ave. like Bar-B-Lu.