Poshmark iPhone app makes shopping a friends closet easy

caines | 10/18/2012, 7 a.m.

A new mobile shopping app proves to be the best of both worlds for iPhone users and fashion lovers. Poshmark can be considered a mobile inspired version of Etsy mashed-up with the visual dynamics that put Instagram on the map. Users only need to post items from their closet to sell and name their price. There is no fee associated with posting sells on the app. After a customer purchases an item, Poshmark takes care of the cost of shipping. We send them the label with the cost of shipping taken care, Founder and CEO of Poshmark, Manish Chandra, said. They only have to worry about packaging the item. The sellers are encouraged to take photos styling the items that they post to engage their potential buyers imagination. Some posts include members modeling the items that they are selling. Other images include items being paired with other articles of clothing and accessories that are not actually being modeled by the seller. When you look at the pictures they look like pictures from magazines, Chandra said. We try to make sure we offer some nice features to make the pictures come out as nice as possible. The apps creator said that he drew inspiration for the app from his wifes closet, which was filled with never-worn purchases.

Closet shopping

The scenario is far too common for those who love to shop. Sifting through the closet, daunted by the task of finding the perfect ensemble, despite self-imposed feelings of not having anything to wear. All women and even teenagers alike can empathize with such sentiments. What makes the scenario even more infuriating is stumbling upon never-worn items while searching for the perfect ensemble. Womens closets are filled with countless never-worn items, which is where Poshmark comes in, Chandra said. Why not make money off of those items in your closet? Chandra explained the logistics of the iPhone app. Sellers set their price and Poshmark takes care of the cost of shipping. We try to make it as easy as possible, Chandra said. The app currently has over 100,000 members and the numbers are increasing every day. We are very pleased with the response that we have gotten so far. By Julia Samuelsjsamuels@miamitimesonline.com