Street Talk: October 17, 2012

caines | 10/18/2012, 5:30 a.m.

With the elections less than one month away, what issues is of most concern to you?

Melvin Fort, 48Project Coordinator, Midtown Miami What most concerns me is that everyone goes out and vote for Obama. But regardless of who wins my real concern is for the 99%, and that theyll have their fair share of this political game. Latocia Brown, 36Homemaker, Miami Education and Unemployment. It effects whether or not my kids will go to college and have a job once they graduate. Richard D. Smith, 67Retired, Liberty City Healthcare... because it helps everyone: the poor, the Blacks, the rich and the whites. Its for everyone. Brother Jimmy Muhammed, 71Retired, Carol City The greatest issue that concerns me is definitely welfare and affordable housing. A lot of people wouldnt have a place to stay and may end up on the streets. Caron Bell-Romain, 55Retired, Liberty City The absentee ballot, there is so much corruption going on. I havent turned mines in yet, Im afraid that it wont be counted. I will turn it in soon but Im personally taking it in and praying about it. Darenton Moise, 39Producer, Allapattah My main issue is the ethical treatment of those who are arrested. You should have a choice between being in a patty wagon and a squad car especially if youre claustrophobic. Humans are humans regardless.