Chatter That Matters: October 24, 2012

caines | 10/25/2012, 5:30 a.m.

Congratulations go out to those refined senior citizens from St. Paul AME Church that took the time to frequent Michaels Diner. They are deaconesses, but they came looking like executives, attending an important board meeting with the conversations focused on the presidential election. They spoke of following President Obama to the polls and voting for him in his quest for four more years, according to leaders Anne Rogne and Julia Gray. Others in attendance included: Rosa Benbou, Willie Mae Pinkney, Annie Johnson, Teresa Berry, Irene Hart, Evelyn Clarley, Emma Mellerson, Minnie Mickens-Jones, Henry Jones, Rudy Pierre, Lillia Covington and Aubrey Brunson, DGM. Anne made sure Sadie served everyone properly. Most of them ordered boiled fish and grits, while others preferred bacon, eggs, buttered grits and coffee. After breakfast, they all sat around conversing with each other, while planning their next visit with Rev. Robert Jackson, II in mind. Just before Aubrey Brunson, DGM left he was asked to speak with me about the visitation of Anthony T. Stafford, state of Florida leader to Miami, St. Paul AME and Hewitt Funeral Home, to pay respect to the family of Randy T. Cason, a deceased Masonic brother. From my vantage point, I observed 102 Masons lining up in twos preparing to march in singing Nearer My God to Thee. While passing the casket, the men lined up from the foot of it to the head, while three elderly brothers spoke with reverence, followed by Pierre Rutledge who named his classmates Dewey Knight, Desaline Ford and the deceased Cason, that represented the Men Of Tomorrow class of 88. Brunson introduced State Leader Anthony T. Stafford, who gave a memoriam speech to the brothers and family members. The tribute continued at the church. Kudos go out to the Masons that wore black suits, white shirts, black bow ties, black shoes white aprons and gloves. Casons death was celebrated further as the brothers spoke of him as a brother, a family man and a handyman of all trades from bicycle to automobiles. Torian Cox, baseilus of Sigma Alpha Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. used his skills to notify the membership of the meeting, last Saturday. The Omega Activity Center was filled for the 5 p.m. business meeting, while the brother-in-charge used the phrase, peace, brothers twice and controlled the brothers for the two hour meeting. Dr. Thomas Snowden gave the first report relative to the 38th Annual State Workshop held in Tampa Fl., at the Marriott Westshore Hotel with brothers Adderley, Anderson, Cico, Arenas, Ariside, Banes, Belcher, Blair, Britt, Cox, Daniels, Gamble, Hudson, Jones, Love, Mahmood, McLeod, Richardson, Roane and Wright. He also reported Sigma Alpha being recognized for years of service since its founding on Oct. 9, 1939. The 7th DR is Leslie Gamble for 2013, Sigma Alpha won third place for raising $9,000 and Dr. Walter T. Richardson was named Citizen of the Year. By Dr. Richard Strachan