Street Talk: October 24, 2012

caines | 10/25/2012, 5:30 a.m.

Did the Million Man March [Oct. 17, 1995] make a difference for Blacks?

Gregory Norflee, 59Musician/vendor, Liberty City Our brothers are still doing destructive things in our neighborhood, abusing drugs, disrespecting our women, bastardizing their offspring and waiting for handouts. If there is a difference to make, we must do it ourselves the government wont do it. Quintel Renzy, 31Human resources, Miami Gardens Im not sure it did. It just doesnt correlate with the Black community. After so many years, I just dont feel it made much of a change in politics or society. Sean Riely, 41Manager, Allapattah Honestly, no. The youth didnt get much from it. It was supposed to be about equal rights but were in the same place as we were before. Ronnie Bell, 49Nutritionist, Miami Gardens Yes I do, a little change happened with the camaraderie between fathers and their sons. Not much but a little bit. Rudolph Clayton, 68Retired, Homestead It made a real difference, put us on the map and showed that we do exist. Willie Naylor, 63Retired, Liberty City Yeah. It helped young people get up and become activists for change. They focused more on education and change, rather than a life of crime.