We must stand up and be counted at the polls

caines | 10/25/2012, 5:30 a.m.

Early voting begins on Saturday, Oct. 27th, with a particularly long ballot, filled with complicated questions and a host of choices for candidates. Thats why we urge all voters to do their homework. Study the constitutional amendments, the school board bond referendum, the County questions [amendments] as well as those judges up for retention, local run-off elections and of course, whos best suited to serve as president of the U.S. There is a lot at stake and Blacks can ill-afford to pass up their opportunity to cast their ballot. Already in Florida, some 700,000 absentee ballots have been submitted and processed by the respective Boards of Elections. However, it remains to be seen how many of those ballots were filled out by Blacks. Sure, Republican legislators along with their anything goes Tea Party cronies, have employed every conceivable strategy in order to discourage, delay and disenfranchise those voters who tend to march to a different beat, hoping to deny them their fundamental right to vote. Thats why we urge you to join a group of hearty voter advocates on Sunday, Oct. 28 for a march, worship service and early voting rally. The group will be led by folks like Lovette McGill from the A. Philip Randolph Institute, the Rev. Carl Johnson, a large contingency of other Black pastors and their congregations and M-DC public school teachers. It promises to be one of Liberty Citys most profound statements on the importance of voting as the march moves from the African Heritage Cultural Arts Center to the Caleb Center. Some are saying it will be like the souls to the polls events that were once popular among many Black churches, until the GOP forced us to accept a shortened early voting period. Others say this Sunday march will be reminiscent of peaceful civil rights demonstrations of old. We hear therell be seats for our seniors and the handicapped just in case the lines are long and we sure hope they are. There will also be church choirs singing songs of inspiration and even a few able-bodied ushers on hand, white gloves and all, just in case the temperatures become too hot for those waiting to cast their vote. Thats what this is all about brothers and sisters voting and to show others that we refuse to allow our rights, for which our ancestors bled and died, to be taken away without a fight. Now is not the time to snooze.