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caines | 10/31/2012, 5 a.m.

President of the United States

Barack Obama

Obama has had his hands full for the last four years with Republican-dominated legislatures intent on putting up roadblocks and making his a one-term presidency. Perhaps his focus should have been on jobs before he pushed for health care but Americans need both jobs to pay their bills and medical insurance so that they can stay as healthy as possible. We believe that Obama has done particularly well in foreign affairs and has proven that he cares about the status of women in the U.S. and abroad. Some Blacks criticize him for not being our Black President. We do not concur. We see him working to be the president of all U.S. citizens. Lets be straight many dont want Obama back in office because hes Black. We want him in office because hes the best candidate for the job. And unlike his opponent, he is not one to change his stripes and his message just to satisfy the audience of the day.

Representative in Congress, District 26

Joe Garcia

This has been a dog fight from the beginning of the race but we believe that Garcia can get the job done and represent his District well in Washington, D.C. There are too many questions about the ethics of his opponent that remain unanswered for our liking.

State Attorney, 11th Judicial Circuit

Katherine Fernandez Rundle

Rundle continues to lead the way in prosecuting criminals, working behind the scenes for the greater good of all of Miami-Dades residents and pushing against a Republican-dominated task force that has done little to show voters that they are serious about making changes to the current stand your ground laws that are currently the law of the our State. In her position she does not have the opportunity to make many friends but she has been saving some lives while getting dangerous criminals off of our streets.

State Senator, District 35

Gwen Margolis

We support Margolis but with one caveat it is still unclear exactly what she has done of significance for the Black community. That being said, we believe that given her experience in office, she could and should be doing a lot more to mentor young political hopefuls from the Democratic Party that are energetic and have fresh ideas. Her seat is an important one. We hope that she is preparing the way for the next generation.

State Senator, District 39

Dwight Bullard

Unlike other politicians that have ridden on the coattails of their parents or other family members, Bullard has taken on the issues of south Miami-Dade County, particularly education, and proven that he is a force with which to be reckoned. He is honest, bright and articulate. But more than that, he is accessible to his constituents. We need a person like Dwight Bullard fighting for us in Tallahassee.