The Miami Times Recommends

caines | 10/31/2012, 5 a.m.

State Representative, District 102

Sharon Pritchett

We supported Pritchett in the primary and are happy to endorse her again. She has the ability to both talk about the issues and to present solutions. She also has the experience of being a former member of the Miami Gardens City Council which is a plus, since her District includes that City as well as North Miami-Dade County, Pembroke Pines and Miramar. She will get the job done.

State Representative, District 107

Barbara Watson

Watson is like a breath of fresh air and is one who is always ready to speak her mind, to assess whats best for her District and to take on anyone who would oppose legislation that benefits her community. Her opponent in the primary suggested that there had been tampering with absentee ballots but nothing more has come to light. As for now, we dont believe that Watson would cheat her way to the top. Shes shown that hard work is the foundation of her commitment to public service.

State Representative, District 117

Kionne McGhe

After losing in his first effort against Bullard in 2010 for his House seat, McGhee used the next two years to firm up support and to get a better read on the issues of the District. He is one of those candidates that has something to say of relevance. He has new ideas some even controversial but given the antics of the Republicans in Tallahassee over the past two years, someone needs to challenge the status quo and offer other solutions. McGhee is just the man for the job.

Lewis Pariente Quince

Justices of the supreme court

Retain These Justices

These three justices must be retained. Why? Because if not, we open the door for Gov. Rick Scott to appoint Republicans to the State Supreme Court. Given their obvious agenda, that would not bode well for Blacks, college students, the unemployed, ex-felons or senior citizens in Florida. After watching Scott fill other committees and seats with Republicans, we dont want him to be the deciding factor in who sits on the Bench. We therefore endorse retaining the following three candidates for Justice of the Supreme Court.

County Judge, Group 24

Greer Elaine Wallace

This is a race that pits two competent candidates. However, in the primary election we recommended Wallace over her opponent, Andrea Wolfson a decision that we have made again. This is one of those races where we hate to see anyone lose but based on Wallace making herself a little more accessible to the Black community and showing up in places where it matters most, we give the nod to her.

Board of County Commissioners, District 3

Audrey M. Edmonson

Edmonson is the current vice chairwoman and has shown that she knows how to maneuver her way within Miami-Dade County government. There are many crucial decisions that must be made in the next four years, no matter who takes the White House. Therefore, we must go with the seasoned veteran who can cut through the red tape and bring tangible results to the District. As for Hardemon, we like his passion and his obvious commitment to his community. He just needs someone to mentor him in order to bring out his full potential.