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caines | 10/31/2012, 5 a.m.

Board of County Commissioners, District 5

Bruno A. Barreiro

Barreiro was on Norman Bramens hit list and survived for a runoff against Luis Garcia. As we recall, he voted for the Mayors budget so that more jobs would not be lost in Miami-Dade County and he has positioned himself to work with the Black community. An even-keeled politician, we believe he is the best choice for District 5.

Board of County Commissioners, District 11

Juan C. Zapata

Zapata almost pulled it off in the primary but was a few votes shy, thus a runoff election. We hear that he has shown a willingness to work across the District to help Blacks gain a more equitable footing in economic development. He tends to be rather conservative on social issues but we can live with that. Constitutional Amendments 1 - 12


If you read each amendment carefully, youll notice that one similarity they all tend to give greater voice to Tallahassee while ignoring the needs of local government and its citizens. We even wonder why the Republicans bothered to shape some of the amendments that are now on the ballot. Complicated language and if/then clauses tend to hide the truth and the real objective. Thats what we see on the ballot from the first amendment to the last. So, lets make it simple and vote NO on all of them. Careful analysis of each shows they are not of benefit to the citizens of Miami-Dade County. School Board QuestionFunding modernization and construction of public school facilities through issuance of General Obligation Bonds ($1.2B)


Superintendent Alberto Carvalho has spoken to anyone willing to listen about why this bond is so important to the future of Miami-Dade County Public Schools. Some Blacks want him to give something in writing so that we dont get the kind of broken promises that happened the last time there was a school bond on the ballot. Carvalho says he has kept his promises to the Black community since taking over the helm four years ago. But now our schools are falling down, putting our children at risk while technology is way behind other Districts. Carvalho has said, a promise made is a promise kept. Well hold him to that.

County Questions

1) Home Rule Charter Amendment Relating to Term Limits of County Commissioners YES 2) Charter Amendment Requiring Extraordinary Vote to Include Additional Land within the Urban Development Boundary YES 3) Charter Amendment Regarding Penalties and Enforcement of Citizens Bill of Rights YES 4) Charter Amendment Related to Option for Filling Mayoral or County Commissioner Vacancy YES 5) Charter Amendment Regarding Mayoral Conflicts in County Procurement YES 6) Referendum Regarding Structures and Modification of Existing Agreements for the Tennis Center at Crandon Park NO 7) Non-Binding Straw Ballot on Funding Improved Animal Services Programs NO 8 ) Non-Binding Straw Ballot on Contracting with Companies Doing Business with State Sponsors of Terrorism YES