Celebration toasts new Liberty City apartments with Comm. Edmonson

caines | 9/6/2012, 5:30 a.m.

Vice Chairwoman Audrey Edmonson joined Carlisle Development and residents of Liberty City on August 16th to celebrate the topping-off of The Anchorage Apartments, 2320 NW 62nd St., Miami, a new housing development destined for teenagers who age out of the foster care system.Edmonson sought to build this type of housing because of the many foster care teenagers coming to her office seeking help finding a place to live. After turning 18, teenagers are no longer under the care of the foster care system and their foster care families can no longer care for them. This is another example of a public-private partnership which succeeds in bringing much needed housing to District 3, she said. One of every 10 foster children stays in foster care longer than seven years and each year about 15,000 reach the age of majority and leave foster care without a permanent family many to join the ranks of the homeless or to commit crimes and be imprisoned. I hope that The Anchorage is the first of many such projects and serves as an example of how we can combat homelessness in our teenage population, providing these young people a safe and sound home from which to begin their new life as independent adults.