Scholarships help students pursue their dreams

caines | 9/6/2012, 5:30 a.m.

Although they had never laid eyes upon one another, six college students, who recently gathered in Congresswoman Frederica Wilsons District 24 Congressional office were all on the same quest and had the same goal continuing their education beyond high school. But the question each student faced was how? Some are the first in their families to ever attend college; some come from single parent households; others are the children of immigrants. I see this time and time again young men and women who want to go to college but cant because they cant afford to do so, Wilson said. But now their fears and concerns have, for now, been put to rest. Wilson presented each student with a $1,600 scholarship on behalf of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation [CBCF] of the Congressional Black Caucus. A total of $10,000 in scholarships was distributed to the to the students. Education is the key to success; it can unlock many doors for deserving young men and woman and allow them to live out their dreams, Wilson said. As a former school principal I know the need for programs like this and the positive impact they can have on a students life. Founded in 1976, the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation has helped thousands of students struggling financially to achieve their dreams of furthering their education.

Students share their stories

There have been times where I have been close to being kicked out of school financially and where I thought I would have to leave, said Theresa Eugene, a senior at the University of Massachusetts Amherst who is seeking a bachelors degree with a concentration in arts management and social entrepreneurship. For Khaleelah Ladson, a junior at Florida State University who hopes to finish her bachelors in fine arts, it has also been an uphill battle to remain in school. As tuition rates kept rose it looked like was going to run out of money, she said. There are just so many things I had to pay for besides tuition: food, books, my house utility bills and healthcare necessities. And while they all say that all of their problems have not been resolved, they know they can at least continue this year less anxiety, thanks to the scholarships theyve received. I applied for this scholarship not knowing what the future would hold but I continued my endeavors on faith and faith alone, said Clauden Louis, who needed help paying off bills for a masters degree while now pursuing a medical degree at Howard University. The other students who received scholarships are: Carla Forges, University of Miami; Jacques Wilson, Florida Memorial University; and Lawrence Collier, FAMU.