Street Talk: September 5, 2012

caines | 9/6/2012, 5:30 a.m.

Why are so few Black youth going to college?

Dr. Joreatha Capers, 68Minister, Miami We are losing our Black youth before they even finish high school to the forces of the world and a society where their value as humans is continually negated. Many are not armed with the skills they need to even go on to college. Eddie Mercado, 48Unemployed, Miami Young men dont recognize the options they have. Too many are involved with street life and find it more appealing than studying hard. Its the illusion of living the glamorous life and all that comes with it. T. Eileen Martin, 51Educator, Miami Young Black men are under attack. But many have deficiencies too, especially in reading. So many get frustrated and drop out of school early. At that point, weve lost most of them. Then, we dont do enough for our kids who fall behind. How can they possibly survive the rigors of college? Vera Fenton, 65Retired, Miami Even my own son was unable to avoid the temptation of the streets. Now hes in jail. Black parents are doing our best for our children but it seems they just think they know better than we do. At home they seem to understand but then with a little freedom they do something totally unbelievable. We have to take more time with out children, both boys and girls. Zabhrya Tillman, 15Student, Miami A lot dont go to college because their friends arent doing. Their friends go after fast money and so they do the same things. Its all about your peers. But even if they have decent grades the cost of college has gone up and many Blacks cant afford it. Timothy Williams, 46Massage therapist, Jacksonville The importance of education has lost value in the Black community. We dont emphasize its importance enough like our parents and grandparents did to us. Many of our youth and some adults think owning a pair of Air Jordans or LeBrons is more essential than saving for college. Our priorities are way out of order.