The forgotten legacy of Arthur Teele

caines | 9/6/2012, 5:30 a.m.

As a I sat down with one of 21 brothers and sisters, the Bahamian descendants of Gloria Darlings, her son Cuthbert Harewood aka Broadway began to lay out some very interesting points concerning the District that once was Miami-Dade County District 2 and that has now become the Miami-Dade County District 3 that encompasses City of Miami District 5. When assessing the outcome of the primary election, citizens now face a situation of winner takes all. The ills of the District will now become the main issue voters must clearly understand, remembering that politics and bullsh*t are each eight-letter words. The honorable Malcolm X said, anywhere you have high unemployment you have high crime. When the late Arthur E. Teele was commissioner of the City of Miami District 5 he created The Model City Revitalization Trust. The Trusts boundaries were from I-95 west to Northwest 19 Avenue from NW 40th to 60th Street and east to Northwest 17th Avenue top 71st to NW 7th Avenue to NW 79th Street. The Trust was created in order to determine Model City neighborhood negotiations for: costing factors, the possibility of placing utilities behind dwellings, signage, landscaping, and more. Opportunities like these create economic development (new businesses and jobs). When Teele was the commissioner the Trust had its own money (millions) at their disposal and had final say on all matters. Since Teele was removed from office the area for which he advocated change has seen few benefits even after being renamed as the Liberty City Community Revitalization District Trust. Now that the City of Miami has final say on all matters concerning it. District 5 has been treated like Jena Malone in Bastard out of Carolina. The vision that Teele had concerning District 5 has become a nightmare. Our young men are killing each other at an alarming rate, A&E is the No.1 channel on Thursday nights, job creation is at a stand still and these are just a few of the problems. Visionaries are like inventors with great imaginations. They can create with the purpose of providing a service or opportunity that benefits others. But in order to help a person one must walk in his shoes to get the full impact of the challenges they daily face. Since recent redistricting, the current County Commissioner for District 3, Audrey Edmonson, is responsible for an area that extends up to 79th Street. She is one who refuses to play games with the residents of Lincoln Fields and Liberty Square. Nor is she afraid to assist or meet with them on matters of concern. Is she following the example of leaders like Teele? We will continue to examine her accomplishments. By Brian DennisExecutive director, Brothers of the Same Mind