The Miami Times: 90 years of service to the Black community

caines | 9/6/2012, 5:30 a.m.

It hasnt always been easy. In fact with wars abroad and riots at home, depressions and recessions, hurricanes and floods, and the ever present destructive power of racism, its a wonder that the family-owned Miami Times didnt just pack up, shut the doors and go home. But that was not what H.E. Sigismund Reeves had in mind when he set up his printing press in 1923 and began to roll out the news each week for, by and about Blacks in Miami. Ninety years later we are still carrying on the tradition that this visionary man from the Bahamas first established. And we remain committed to dealing with difficult issues, informing our community and providing stories that inspire week after week. Three things should be highlighted as we look back over the years. First, our motto has served as our mission statement integrity, insight and influence and it has guided us well. Second, in a world where true commitment has almost become a four-letter word, The Miami Times has exemplified the real meaning of dedication. From our founder, this award-winning publication has been passed down to subsequent generations, each bringing its own flair and distinctive mark on disseminating the news. Finally, no matter what the circumstances, we are proud to be able to say that we have never missed a publication, not once in our now 90 years of existence. One writer once said, The times they are a-changing. And while that is certainly true, the spirit that is alive and fuels the family and staff of The Miami Times has not. Of course, we are adapting to changes in the industry, welcoming and mastering the many new modes of transmitting the written word and broadening our base of readers and advertisers. Like all things that survive, we are continuing to evolve. We thank each of you, our readers, for inviting us into your homes and businesses each week. Lets keep it going for generations to come.