Street Talk: September 12, 2012

caines | 9/13/2012, 5:30 a.m.

Are Blacks being forced out of Spanish-speaking Miami?

Smooth Petit, 25Designer, North Miami Beach I do believe so. From the time I was able to get a job, I would go to an interview and theyll say you must be bilingual. Its as if Spanish is the first language. Isiah Miller, 19Student, Liberty City Yeah, I think so. Honestly all I hear is that Blacks are moving to Atlanta and Latinos are getting all the jobs. Ms. Geneva 71Retired cosmetologist, Miami No. Everyone wants to go up north because they think the neighborhoods are better. Its the same everywhere. I will be remaining; Ive lived here for 71 years. Elijah Washington, 49Volunteer, Liberty City No. I feel that everyones nationality is recognized in Miami. Donald Green 49Non-profit Coordinator, Liberty City Yes, its like someone coming into your home as a guest and them telling you to abide by their rules. Talk how they talk and such. Lutze Segu, 24Student, Miami The landscape of Miami-Dade County is changing. As a young educated bilingual American I feel that I cant meet my full potential in South Florida. Although I am fully bilingual my second language is Haitian-Kreyol not Spanish and Spanish is king here.