To succeed Black boys need some tough love

caines | 9/13/2012, 5:30 a.m.

Its time out for blaming society for all of the ills confronting young Black men in America. As much as we realize that there are countless numbers of unfair obstacles placed in the paths of our young brothers, we are unwilling to join the pity party and admit defeat. The simple fact is a growing number of Black boys, teens and young men are opting for traveling along Easy Street, searching for that so-called avenue to success. Most of them are fully aware that this road is not paved with gold. Rather, it is almost a sure path to futility, incarceration and for many, death. But the bright lights, shiny cars, bling-bling and the desire for perfumed beauties persuade them that taking short cuts is worth the risk. Lets be real family the risks are not worth it. We have more Black men in prison than we do in college. We have more Black women raising babies alone than we have ever had in our history. We have more young brothers selling illegal goods on street corners than we have behind counters in legitimate businesses, making an honest wage. It doesnt matter if you live in Liberty City, Overtown, Little Haiti or on Fire Island. We know the difference between right and wrong. That is why we suggest a bit of tough love with our young boys. Its time to tell our sons to pull up their pants, open their school books and demand that they spend their time with positive-minded people. We have grown sick and tired of seeing young girls graduate from high school and continue on to college while our young men do nothing more than holler at these sisters from street corners along the urban jungle. The world can take just about everything from us except our minds. Education is the one leveling factor in this world. It can enable us to rise from obscurity, to move beyond poverty and to even become president. We cannot afford to lose another promising youth. Its time we stopped making excuses for mediocrity and helped our young men become responsible for their own decisions. They need our love but its tough love that will save them from themselves.