Madafi Pierre pens inspiring childrens book

caines | 9/15/2012, 6:06 a.m.

A sweet song: Locos Lullaby Love is courage is the message in Madafi Pierres latest book. It is a simple message that can be beneficial to people of all ages not just the children for whom her new book Locos Lullaby is aimed. Pierre says that she has received a lot of positive feedback about the book from men and women of all ages. The ageless response is understandable given the origins of the book. I didnt write it as a childrens story, Pierre said. I wrote it for people of all ages. Its for anyone who has ever felt discouraged or afraid to dream. I wanted them to know that it is [never] too late. As long as you are still breathing there is hope. Loco, a vibrantly colorful and inspirational talking bird, serves as the star in Locos Lullaby. The birds unique name is a combination of two inspiring words love and courage. Why did your parents put love and courage together, says Kayla, the main character in her question to the bird. Because they knew I would need both, Loco replies. Throughout the book Loco is presented as a positive result of a loving family environment. Loco shares the life lessons that he has learned from his loving family and he imparts them onto Kayla. While the bird delivers a very powerful message he does it in terms that even a child can understand. Love is what you are made from and for, he says.

The woman behind the song

Story telling comes as second nature to Pierre, who grew up in a family that often gathered to retell stories or to read books aloud. Being Haitian-American, we were always reading in my house, Pierre said. It was because of that environment that Pierre developed a deep love for written words. Pierre published her first book, The Meltdown of a Sweet Black Cat, which was a collection of poems, essays and short stories, in 2009. It was actually in that book that readers caught a glimpse of the inspirational song bird [Loco], who would soon star in his own book. By Julia Samuelsjsamuels@miamitimesonline.com