Pastor sets sights on spreading the good news

caines | 9/20/2012, 5:30 a.m.

St. Paul AME expands to Miramar

Rev. Robert Jackson III, pastor of St. Paul A.M.E. Church located in Liberty City, has a vision of expansion. Next year in January, his church will establish a new service and location in Miramar. We realized that when you leave Carol City there is no strong, progressive Black church until you get to Lauderdale, Jackson said. Jackson, who added a 7:30 a.m. service to his Sunday schedule last year and witnessed his church membership double to 1,000, plans on bringing that strong Black church presence to the Miramar area for those looking for a place to worship. So many people live there and drive into the city, he said. The truth is the church ought to be about going where the people are thats what we want to do. He said while living in the area he has been able to see the need for the ministry. I have a vision for that area, Jackson said. I see what God is doing and its going to be plentiful to the body of Christ. He is inviting people to start ministries at the new location and to become founding members. Rev. Jackson even envisions St. Paul expanding beyond both the Liberty City and Miramar locations. We believe that the word that God has sown into this church is a global word and it will bless people anywhere, he said. Thats what were moving towards. Jacksons mission for the church is to have a multigenerational ministry church where everyones life can be changed from the oldest to the youngest. He said the community has a lot of needs. The church should be the backbone for the community to help provide those different ministries, according to Jackson. In addition, to adding a new service to evangelize in the Miramar area, the church has also visited schools in their community, fed the faculty and staff and invited them to a church service and they also evangelize through their strong social media ministry which has helped people find their church. The church plans on streaming online live broadcasts of its services on its website starting in October. Jackson said he doesnt want to lose his connection with his church members in the Miami area while expanding, but wants to serve in the Miramar community as well. We want to make sure we can reach people where they are, he said. By Malika A. Wrightmwright@miamitimesonline.com