Street Talk: September 19, 2012

caines | 9/20/2012, 5:30 a.m.

Do you believe voter suppression laws will hurt Obama and the Democrats in November?

Walter Ramsey, 46Business Owner, Miami Yes. The Republicans dont want another Black man in office or anyone whos going to look after the lost, least and left out. Brother Marshall, 72Retired Bus Driver, Miami Yes, but if everybody reads their Bible, they wouldnt have any worry. Karen Person, 59Retired, Miami I think that they could. Key Queen, 38Entrepreneur, Miami I think hes going to win regardless. Hes a great candidate. James Coquitt, 53Retired, Miami No, that wont stop him. We believe in him, he needs four more years, even eight to undo what was done in the Bush years. Glenda Wilson, 66Retired, Miami I dont think so. Hes got it in the bag.