Chatter That Matters: September 26, 2012

caines | 9/27/2012, 5:30 a.m.

Judy Scavella, socialite of South Florida, is still planning functions in her palatial home, despite the break between her and the Snowbirds. Her husband, Elliot Scavella, died 13 years ago before she had the urge to visit one of the casinos. As she browsed around the room she accidentally bumped into a gentleman knocking all of his chips out of his hand. Several years later she and Dr. Gerald Seagal traveled to France, Madrid, Switzerland and the Bahamas Islands. She decided on a family Labor Day Soiree as a life changer. Coming in from Washington. D.C. was brother, Willie J. Smith, Mickey Smith, Afghanistan, Barbara Smith, Jackie Day, Washington, Marvin Gaye, FAMU Marching Band, twins Gerald and George, Mark Seagal and wife, The Betterson Family, John Sedrick and a host of food. The socialite is planning Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners for the same people and perhaps, the wedding. And of course, thats what Im talking about. Congratulations is for Sylvia D. Williams, owner, Sylvias Retirement Home, Inc. and Jamal A. Williams, assistant administrator, for providing the community with their annual luncheon and recognition of honorees. Cora Johnson, past president, Egelloc Civic Club, had the honor of recognizing the honorees, beginning with Doris Gayle, 89, Sybil Johnson, 91, Dorothy Edwards, 98 and former teacher of Dorsey High and Northwestern, Ruth Copeland, Nellie Horne, 93, Gussie Erving, 81, Lee Sawyer, 85, Edna Brooks, 91 and Vera Fraley, 106. When asked their formula for longevity, they said young men and good liquid. Williams took the time to thank some special people, such as Mitzi Williams, daughter, Rodney Williams, grandson, Sonya Coley, daughter-in-law, Lajean Godfrey, special friend who supervised the serving of the food; Portia Kelly who chaperoned the seven members of Mount Tabors Youth Ministry; and Beneshea Simmons who represented County Commissioner Barbara Jordan and gave out 10 certificates to well-deserved honorees. Some of the guests that led the line dance were: Margaret Orr Raiford, Mary L. Walton, Ruth and James Copeland, Annette Harrell, Beverly Johnson, Irene Hayes, Joseph and Shelia Mack, Fr. Kenneth Sims, Chud DJ and the Psi Phi Band. The football classic between Bethune-Cookman University and the University of Miami was the injection that regenerated alums all over Miami. Some took to the welcome dance on Friday, the Tailgate Gate at Sun Life Stadium and the Box Seats upstairs. The newly-appointed President Dr. Edison Jacksons guests were: Dr. Larry Handfield, trustee chairman and wife, Cynthia, Audley Coakley, trustee, Wayne Davis, local president, The Davis Family, John and Annette Williams, Dr. Robert Williams, Leroy Wright, Sumner Hutcheson, Rev. Dr. Joreatha Capers, Eilene Martin Robinson and Bill and Dr. Cynthia Clark. Also, Dr. Nelson Adams, Moses Stubbs, Ruby Sims, Judge Shirlyon McWhorter, Robin Moncur, Barbara Johnson, Nathaniel Jackson, Lougenik Jackson and 10,000 more. After the 38-10 whipping by UM and a great show by the 400-piece band, the next event will be in Orlando. Arnold Davis was happy to be back at Michaels Diner after a knee replacement from a college experience. However, it will take a few more weeks before he is able to announce the games at Traz Powell Stadium. Greeting him back were: R. Smith, M. Carter, J. Davis, A. Buggs, W. Evans, D. Williams, W. Reese, M. Robinson, T. Reid, J. Simpkins, Daryl Dennis and J. Caldwell.