Color Me Thick returns for encore performance

mcneir | 9/27/2012, 12:41 p.m.

[gallery] Play promotes the beauty of plus-sized women A play promoting the attributes of plus-sized women, Color Me Thick, will return to the stage for an encore performance on Sunday, Sept. 30th at the Joseph Caleb Auditorium in Liberty City starting at 6 p.m. Once again it will feature 30 women ranging in age from 18 to 50-years-old who have at least one thing in common: they are all plus-size sisters. The show got its impetus from one womans testimony and lifes experiences. And based on the number of people that packed the audience in their premier showing 500-plus its clearly the kind of show that both entertains and informs a diverse audience. I once did commercials and modeling gigs and rocked it in a size eight but I picked up a lot of weight after having three children, said Passion P-Say Roosevelt, the shows producer and creator. I was one of the girls that all the guys wanted. Then I was suddenly sitting on the couch and my conversation kept focusing on women and weight. P-Say is joined by two of her closest friends, DeLeon CoppaDon and Richard Jiffy Byrd, who persuaded P-Say to refocus and use her creative skills. CoppaDon and Byrd will both serve as executive producers. CoppaDon will also host the evening and will be joined by Strutkure. The production includes a fashion show, singing, speeches, spoken word by Analogy, socialite Ms. Ni Cole, comedian Larry Dogg and the musical stylings of saxophonist Melton Mustafa. The featured designer is Desiree Fleming of Voluptuous You. And just in case yourewondering just how empowering this event can be, one of the performers from their first show back in May has since been featured in the Miss Miami Elite Pageant, Dynamic Beauty Expo and the Sisterhood Conference. BUILDING SELF-ESTEEM AMONG THICK SISTERS Women who have been targeted because of their size get all kinds of negative comments and looks from society and its wrong, said Toddra Brunson, a size-12 sassy sister that is one of the shows models. Being in the show helped my self-confidence and taught me how to be more receptive to others, whether they are like me or not. Amber Howell joins the show for her first time. She too says it has inspired her to make a change in her attitude and given her a greater sense of self. In school people always told me that I had such a beautiful face then they would add that it was a shame that I couldnt lose weight, Howell said. The teasing was relentless. Being in this show has given me the encouragement I needed to dress up, put on heels and love being me. P-Say adds, Young girls who are picked on and abused by their peers during their critical, formative years because of their size tend to have very low self-esteem. Thats why this show matters. Even when I picked up weight I still believed that I was beautiful and had worth. But so many other women and girls kept coming up to me and were discouraged because they were thick girls and felt that they didnt fit societys view of beautiful. Thats when I knew we had to do something to educate, empower and inspire plus-sized girls and women. The three producers are working on developing a program or organization that is an extension of the show that they can take to others in the Black community, particularly youth. And given the high energy that exudes from CoppaDon, P-Day and Jiffy, we have no doubt that theyll succeed. The good news is that the real winners will be women and young adult girls who are plus-sized and are in the process of learning to love every curve. For information call 786-355-4557.