Opa-lockas new chief will need the communitys help

caines | 4/4/2013, 5:30 a.m.

In a recent interview with the new police chief for the City of Opa-locka, Jeffrey Key, we learned several important facts. It became clear that Key has a plan for improving the lives of all who reside in Opa-locka and its neighboring cities. It became clear that he understands the problems and history of Opa-locka and that he genuinely wants to decrease crime. But perhaps most impressive was the fact that Key is a student of tried-and-true policing initiatives and wants to reinstitute them in order to make Opa-locka a safer place to work and live. But as he settles into the job, Key will need to remember that he sits in a fishbowl and will be subject to intense scrutiny and criticism both from within and without. We dont get the sense, however, that hell let that keep him from doing the right thing and from doing his job. City Manager Kelvin Baker, Sr., has made a wise choice in pegging Key to take over the Department. But for all of Keys experience and savvy as a law enforcement administrator, crime will not decrease unless members of the community are willing to do their part. That means we must no longer condone the illegal actions of our youth. In other words, parents will need to begin acting like parents instead of trying to be pals with their own children. Comedian Bill Cosby is known for a joke in which he says while talking about wayward children, I brought you into this world and Ill take you out. That may be the part of the solution to whats plaguing Black communities in this state and across the country. We know when our children are doing wrong and if we really want to save them, we must put our foot down. Key is a great asset to Opa-locka but we too must step up to the plate.