Storytelling of the passion of Jesus Christ

caines | 4/4/2013, 5:30 a.m.

Jesus paid it all / All to him I owe, singers sang with joy. The audience applauded, after hearing the happy ending to the story that they may have all heard before. This story is thousands of years old, but it will never lose its relevance. Love Equals An Empty Tomb, the storytelling of the passion of Jesus Christ was held March 29 and 30 at the Littman Theater by the Bible Out Loud Ministries, which featured Storyteller Christal Walker. Walker, a member of Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church who has led and recited the story for the last three years, said she thought to herself I did it already, when God had put it on her heart to do it a second year in a row. I remember the spirit saying to me they see the Nutcracker every year for Christmas and the story never changes, comparing the two stories she said. The story never changes, nor should it. Walker arranged the storytelling, which follows Jesus through his life leading up to His death, burial and resurrection, by taking parts from Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Walker said storytelling is not new, nor does it have a lot of exposure, especially in our culture, but she made it unique by making it a multi-sensory experience for the audience. There were dancers, singers, musicians and images that added to the production. Walker explained that she hopes the show impacted both those who dont have a relationship with God and those who do. She wanted those who dont have a relationship to give it another thought, and those who do, to be encouraged to explore the word of God. Walker was the only person telling the story throughout the entire production, but she did not take credit for reciting a lengthy story. Its not an exercise in memorization. Its an exercise in faith, she said Im counting on God for every moment of that because [usually] when I do something I can see my way to the end, but since there is more than twenty pages of text. I have to completely depend on God. Dante Laing, 22, a worship dancer of the production and a Christian rapper said, he was excited about performing. I love portraying the message and being a part of this production that portrays the message that He is Jesus Christ, he said. He died for our sins, not only did He die but He rose again so its just a blessing and an honor and Im glad I was a part of it. David Melvin, 22, another worship dancer explained how he prepared for the show by consecrating himself, praying and listening to worship music. I have always been taught to get in depth of the story and see what it is saying because its more than just dancing or acting its ministering through dance and song. Angela Haynes, from the inspirational crew of 99Jamz who hosted Friday nights production, was also excited about telling the story that the whole world needs to know, she said. Its a story that is truthful, that can help a lost generation get found, sustain a generation that has already been found and fulfill the generations [to] come, she said. The story of His death and resurrection is what keeps us going day after day and to be able to host this type of production is fulfilling all by itself. By Malika A. Wrightmwright@miamitimesonline.com