Competition heats up in Miamis billiards league

caines | 4/11/2013, 5:30 a.m.

Will last years, the Assassins, repeat their win? There are many hobbies people tend to play and as they get a little older, some sports, like basketball and football, may become too physical. But children, young adults and senior citizens can enjoy one game that requires precision, dexterity the ability to compute mathematical angles. The game, which is called billiards or sometimes pool, has been around since the 15th century. Men and women enjoyed this fast paced game worldwide. And there are plenty of pool leagues that have competition for any type of player from the novice amateur to the professional. Miami has its own pool league although some may not know it. Its called the Ball-inHand Pool Tournament League, Inc. and its members have been shooting pool for over 20 years. Heres how the game works. In ball-in-hand, when a player that commits certain fouls, the opponent can placed the cue ball (white) anywhere on the table in play. Some pool shooters consider this type of pool play as Dirty Pool. How did the league start? Penny Roma of Fast Times Bar thought it would be fun to schedule friendly matches among the other inner-city bars. After some planning, the pool league was formed on April 29, 1990. Its founders include: Charles Cowboy Sippio, former school teacher; Larry Jackson, manager of Past Times Bar; and Viola Bolden, manager of Tinys Bar. The six original teams were: Paradise Bar & Lounge, Tinys Liquor & Lounge, Past Time Bar, Ebony Bar, M&M Bar and House Rockers Bar. The first champions of the Pool league back in 1990, were Tinys Bar for the women and the House Rockers Bar for the men. We dont play for prize money, its just bragging rights and for the love of the game, said league commissioner, Ricky Sarge Jackson, who has been running the league for the last 18 years. Its the only league in town that has a womens and a mens team. It has reasonable membership fees and two seasons of play winter and fall. There are currently 16 mens teams and nine womens teams. The best teams receive trophies and theres a banquet at the end of each season. Theres also a playoffs system similar to the selection of teams for the college basketball tournament. For more information about the league, call Ricky Sarge Jackson, 305 519-5306. By Kevin Hickskh.smilee@gmail.comMiami Times writer