Spoken word event honors Womens History Month

caines | 4/11/2013, 5:30 a.m.

Mentoring program raises funds Words of truth, self-love, strength and beauty, spoken in honor of women, filled the dimly-lit Bohemia Room, which was packed with fly young professionals recently. The Bohemia Room and Honey Shine, Inc., a girls mentoring program, sponsored the spoken word experience called To Her, With Love, which celebrated Womens History Month and raised funds for Honey Shine. The event was hosted by Tracy Mourning, the founder of Honey Shine; Ingrid B, the organizer of the Bohemia room; and the ladies of Ethnicity Models. I think its beautiful that we have Womens History Month, but I think we should celebrate women all year long . . . because if we take care of our women, we take care of our world, Mourning said. While acknowledging the amazing women in her life who have helped her embrace her life experiences and understand her self-worth, Mourning also spoke of the importance of educating and exposing young girls to different aspects of life to empower their futures, which is the mission of Honey Shine. It is because of those amazing women that I am able to stand before anyone, presidents, whomever it may be and be OK . . . because I know my truth and my truth is something bigger than anything anyone could ever tell me and thats what I want our girls to know.

Poets speak on the trials of womanhood

Attendees were able to sign up to volunteer or to become a sponsor for the program. We can get our nails done, we can get our hair done . . . and do all of that great stuff, us, girls like, but it really is about service, Mourning said, to the crowd. Its about making a difference in somebody elses life and thats what tonight is all about. The audience showed an appreciation for spoken word as much as they did for service. They intently listened to the stories that the poets told, which included topics, such as: embracing natural hair, living a life led by faith in God, leaving an unfulfulling partner and domestic violence. Im just glad I caught this ahead of time or I could of been dead in time and this rhyme would of never reached you . . . So I use this piece to teach you/ that you dont need him to complete you, the poet named Red Writing Hood, proclaimed in her poem about surviving an abusive relationship. The event featured other poets, such as: Maha Adachi, Flow Diva, Poettis and Amali. Some attendees also performed. The music that was played between performances was provided by DJ OHSO. Many of the women who volunteer for the program were in the audience. Marsha Augustin, 23, a Honey Shine mentor, regarded the events success. She was grateful that it had targeted and given appreciation for Honey Shines mentors and young professionals. She started volunteering for Honey Shine in November, and since then, she has witnessed the impact that the program is making. She discussed the different workshops of Honey Shine, which includes: health and fitness, table etiquette, meditation, financial literacy and career presentations. Different people from different fields come to the workshops and expose these girls to new things letting them know that everyones not meant to be a doctor or a singer, Augustin said. They get to see different careers. Honey Shine is committed to building these girls up. By Malika A. Wrightmwright@miamitimesonline.com