Street Talk: April 10, 2013

caines | 4/11/2013, 5:30 a.m.

Is same-sex marriage a distraction from other issues affecting the gay communityJuno Newton, 24South Beach, retail Yes, there are more important things like bullying in schools and transphobia. Cory Elmore, 20Kendall, student I dont think so. Its going to open the door for other issues. Arnett Stafford, 19 Miami Gardens, facilitator No, I just think its more or less relevant to older gay men who are at that place in their lives. Its just not important to me not right now. Lorenzo Robertson, 50 Palm Beach, program coordinator There are other issues within our community like sexism and racism that are more paramount than same-sex marriage. Jovanny Solano, 18 Brownsville, student No, its just an issue that most of us deem to be important at this time. We can still fight for this and other issues as well. Lynda Jackson, 66 Liberty City, retired Yes. My son was killed by four men because he was gay, but people arent fighting as hard for stuff like that.