Street Talk: April 17, 2013

caines | 4/18/2013, 5:30 a.m.

Should the Black community support the Dolphins M-DC deal?Cecil Claire, 51Liberty City, property management Im not interested in the Dolphins, they dont do anything for the community. Its all about the green with them. Denson King, 35 Liberty City, unemployed Yeah. If its for the betterment of Blacks. If so, why not? Vela Larry, 59Little Haiti, disabled Yes. The Dolphins just need to bring in a championship and some Super Bowls as they stated. Maurice Brazer, 52Liberty City, business owner No. The money could be used in a more effective way. We shouldnt subsidize billionaires. Stanley Nelson, 55Liberty City, lead organizer Im an union worker and [the renovations] will benefit union workers, so Im for it. Andrew Stubstill, 37Liberty City, plumber No we shouldnt support them. What are they doing for the community?