The Miami Times 2013-09-29 04:12:29

caines | 4/24/2013, 7:01 a.m.

Are deaths in Black communities given the same coverage as national tragediesMyra LaFlore, 70Liberty City, retired I wouldnt say so. That sort of thing comes along with being Black. Alton Spencer, 46 Liberty City, DJ No, its just so many more deaths happening in the Black community compared to others. But they still need to pay closer attention to us. Niyohka Jackson, 27 Miami, cosmetologist No, the [media] cares about [Boston] because of what was happening and the type of people who were there. They dont care when something happens to my [peers]. Miltoria Fordham, 68 Liberty City, retired No, I see local coverage but it hardly ever reach the national level. Cecil Clare, 51 Liberty City, property manager No, there are plenty of killings around here and they arent even covered on a local level. There are so many deaths its just not that important to [the media]. Joseph E. Watson, 74 Liberty City, bishop I think so, our communities respond differently than white communities would.