Successful entrepreneur gets start in Overtown

caines | 4/25/2013, 5:30 a.m.

Kenneth L. Perry, owner of PKL recalls career growth Urban environments or ghettos as they are commonly referred to, can take their toll on an individuals dreams.Lack, blight and hopelessness may be mere images to some as they are portrayed on the evening news but are far too real to others.Kenneth L. Perry, a native of Overtown refused to allow these realities to become barriers to his dreams.

Remembering back when

Perry is presently the founder and CEO of PKL Intl Holdings Inc., a computer consulting firm with national contracts.Walking down unsafe streets; seeing trash piles as the background in photographs; knowing how to outmaneuver a drug addict or dealer should not be normal to a kid, said Perry. Although we were poor, my family consistently demanded that I spoke proper English, said please and thank you, went to church and functioned at a high standard in everything. It worked. Perry who is barely 30 years old, had a vision for a company and called it PKL. PKL provides systems engineering, infrastructure design, IT management consulting and general consulting on short and long-term projects nationwide.Past and current clients include FPL; INTECH Investments LLC, an investment bank in West Palm Beach; and AFNI, an insurance subrogation and debt collection agency in the mid-west. PKL manages computer systems infrastructures for companies with assets in excess of $40 billion.PKL also provides regulatoryservice consulting in the areas of server hardware, Windows, Security Systems, Statistical Systems, TCP/IP, network maintenance and several other systems. PKL is also able to provide service on a remote basis. Landing these contracts clearly steered Perry out of the dangerous streets of Overtown to the well-manicured ones of Weston, FL.

The turning point

When I was eight, my dad made a sacrifice and bought me a computer, I was overjoyed Perry said. I was so fascinated that I had to find out how it worked. Ive dabbled at different job assignments and am also currently the lead systems center engineer for Broward College. PKL has opened plenty of doors around the country but Im awaiting an international break, he says. Perry is a philanthropist as well and is adamant about giving back. He has helped to establish state-of-the-art computer labs and offers on-call consultations to those who prove that they are advocates for the needy especially children. Perry can be contacted at klperry@gmail.com or by phone at 954-400-8330. By Tanya JacksonMiami Times staff writerjewelson3@gmail.com