Self-help guide helps couples enhance and improve marital relationships

An interview with author Sandra Tinsley

Gigi Tinsley | 8/8/2013, 3:32 p.m.
Recent statistics show that 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce. The numbers were so disturbing that Miami native ...

Recent statistics show that 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce. The numbers were so disturbing that Miami native Sandra Stringer, along with her husband, Minister Bernard L. Tinsley, decided that they would make a concerted effort to avoid joining that group of divorcees. But they took their efforts one step forward by developing a self-help guide penned by Stringer that focuses on the importance of sexual intimacy between married couples called, “Climatic Orgasmatic Response to Love” [CORL]. Stringer used her knowledge gleaned during her academic studies in social work, and combined that with real life experiences. She describes the book as a 66-page “self-improvement manual for couples wanting to enhance their lovemaking and move their personal relationship to another level.”

“I decided to write the book after I had committed myself to a marital relationship with my soul mate,” she said. “We believe, as many sex experts believe, that sexual intercourse is one of the building blocks of a meaningful and marital relationship. Many people, especially women, bottle up their need for more freedom in intimacy and in the bedroom of their marital relationship. Customarily, sex and intimacy is a topic not being mentioned in the paragraph, let alone in the same sentence with God. The intimacy with my soul mate definitely confirmed that in the past I had sought love in all of the wrong places.”

Stringer, who was married on December 28, 2012, says her husband has been supportive of her writing efforts.

“He believes in the book and even encouraged me to write it,” she said. “But my family had mixed reactions. My mother finds it amusing, but she said she doesn't need it. She is over 80-years-old and my father died more than four years ago. My cousins are my age and say they welcome the book and are happy to know that intimacy does exist after 45 and that it exists in a big way.”

Stringer put her book on Facebook and says to date it has reached over a million viewers.

Of those viewers, the majority have given it a positive rating, including members of the religious community.

“I have tremendous respect for my pastor and other religious leaders who are able to think outside of the box and encourage the same with their congregations,” she said.

“The book is founded on Biblical truths and Godly principles.”

Last June, the Reverends Rob and Elaine Young hosted Stringer’s first book signing at the New Seventy-Ninth Street Word Church International.

“If the subject can be found in the Word of God, I have no fear about covering it here at this church,” Pastor Rob Young said. “Sexual intimacy is how all of us got here.”

You can order the book at Amazon.com or Authorhouse.com.