People: August 14, 2013

Anna Sweeting | 8/14/2013, 2:37 p.m.

George and Cobboril “Beatrice” Davis will celebrate 60 years of marriage on Saturday, August 17, and continue their celebration by worshiping August 18, at 9 a.m. at The Historic St. Agnes Episcopal Church. Hearty congratulations to the love birds of the year. May you enjoy many more!

Anna Sweeting

Anna Sweeting

William H. Gray III, Baptist minister and six-term Philadelphia congressman expired in Philadelphia in July. He was the first Black majority whip for the Democratic Party. He often fought for equal rights and the needs of the poor nationally and abroad. His father was a former president of Florida A&M University.

Adding to last week’s names of dynamic Delta women who were also on the scene: Judy Carter, Davida Matchett-Roberson, Roslyn Jackson, Brenda Freeman, Shirley Funches, Gloria Newbold, Gale Aldrich, Shirley Gibson, (former Miami gardens Mayor), Dianah Hill, Kathleen Thurston, Erica Wright (Soror of the Year in the Southern Region for exemplary public service); Gina Braynon, Patricia Braynon, Dr. Luvernice Croskey, Gwen Bryant, Kim Wright, Dr. Gigi Gilbert, Tish Mindingall, Dr. Sandra Thompson (former interim president of Florida Memorial University); Collette Richardson, Darnetia Parrott, Lorah Manning, Mae Bryant, Michelle Levy, Nikki Floyd, Villetta Howard, Gloria Evans, Sheri McGriff, Phyllis Way, Barbra Fisher, Tawana Fisher Howard, Janet Symonette, Harriett Carr, Jennifer Grant, Cherly Fields, Connie Thorton, Erica Powell, Gerry Rocker, Shontay Sharpe, Patricia Maxwell, Gladys Lynch, Gloria Demps, Joan Gordon, Annette Williams, Janis, Pharm D., Frances Kearse, Gayle Love, Ami Passmore, Eddye Rodgers, Marilyn Tyree, Erma Wellons. Lorene Dixon and Jacquelyn Glaze.

Our get well wishes goes out to all of our sick and shut-ins may all of you, soon return to good health!

If you missed the island dance last Friday night at St. Agnes you missed a B-L-A-S-T. Robin Moncur, and Elestine McKinney Allen along with committee members Torin Wallace, Flora Brown, Fredericka Fisher, Margaret Moncur, Paulette Brown, Joan Ballard, Gwen Thomas and Janelle Hall did a fantastic job for a great event. Robin Moncur won the top prize in the annual drawing.

The Parish Chapter of the ECW at The Historic Saint Agnes Episcopal Church will present “Kids Say the Darndest Things” on Saturday, August 31 at 3p.m. Janet Brown is president.