Street Talk: August 14, 2013

Should A-Rod be allowed to play during his suspension?

8/14/2013, 11:29 a.m.

Nicolas Vaubreuile, 17

Miami, student

“Yes, he deserves to continue to play and get paid. Just because they think he’s taking drugs doesn’t mean he really is.”

Craig Baker, 21

Miami, college football player

“Yes I think so. I don’t think any drug can actually make anyone a better athlete, it’s all a mind thing. He’s a good player and they should let him play.”

Carlos Baker, 26

Miami, student

“Of course he should keep on playing. He brings in a lot of money for baseball.”

Jakira Jackson, 20

Miami, student

“I don’t think he would take any type of drugs, but if so he deserves a second chance.”

Kevin Barr, 57

Miami, surgical aide

“They have no choice but to let him play and get paid. It’s in his contract and he hasn’t been found guilty. He is innocent until proven guilty.”

Prentiss McKinnon, 45

Miami, sports enthusiast

“No he shouldn’t be allowed to play. Rules are rules, if you break them you should be ready to face the consequences.”