Chatter that Matters

Dr. Richard Strachan | 8/22/2013, noon
Bethune-Cookman University Alumni Association hosted its 64th meeting last week in Tampa under the auspices of The Hillsborough County Chapter ...

Bethune-Cookman University Alumni Association hosted its 64th meeting last week in Tampa under the auspices of The Hillsborough County Chapter led by long time president Helen Young and Andra Diggs, current president. The highlight of the convention was the annual luncheon honoring President -elect Dr. Edison Jackson, Mrs. Jackson and Dr. Larry Handfield, chairman of the board. Others in attendance included Harry and Lucille Morris, Betty DeVore, Betoria Watson, Julia Jackson, Birdie Underwood, Shondra Lockett, Sylvia Carley, Joyclyne Vickers, Michelle Morris, Michelle Lewis, Gina Saunders, Johnny Douglas, Raquel Watson, Anthony and Regina Depass, Eileen Sledge, Mildred Harvey, Doris Scott, Gwen Penn, Clarence Johnson, Eileen Robinson, Barbara Johnson, William Clarke and Cynthia Clarke, John and Antoinette Williams, Pat and Charlie Davis, and Emanuel Hutcheson.

Baljean Smith, along with Dr. Astrid Mack, Audley Coakley, Johnny Stepherson Dr. Jorge “Chico” Arenas, and the retired brothers of Sigma Alpha Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. planned and executed a fitting tribute for Dr. Edward Braynon at the 94th Aero Squadron. Proclamations and tributes came from Congresswoman Fredricka S. Wilson, Dr. Joseph Gay, Mayor Oliver Gilbert, Miami Gardens, Chapters in Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia. Other tributes also came from Dr. David Marion, Dr. Andrew Ray, 39th Grand Basileus, Pi Nu Chapter, Dr. Willie Joe Wright; Sigma Alpha, Dr. Thomas Snowden; Keith Braynon, Bro. Garth Reeves, Sr., and Eta Nu Chapter. Brothers attending included: James Jones, Larry Leverett, Calvin Lamar, Harry Hazelwood, Sam Clear, Aaron Whitfield, Lennox George, Clifford Wimberly, John Wimberly, Harry Harrell, Sylvester Robinson, Melvin Davis and James Lamar.

From St. Petersburg representing Eta Rho were Harry Harvey, James Jackson, William Puller, Glen Baily, and James Cummings. Family members in attendance included: Gia, Andrea Braynon Murray, Braynon Bradford, Lataryn Gay, Betty Braynon, Bertha Smith, Rosemary Braynon Murray and Cynthia Obina.

A salute goes out to Past Basilei Dr. W. Wright, ’71, Dr. Mack, 81, P. Harden, ’88, S. Dubose, ’91, R. Thomas, ’94, Dr. Adams, II, 95, R. Harris, Jr.,’99, L. Gamble, ’02, R. Fisher, ’05, H. Dorsett, II, ’11, T. Cox, ’13.

Frank WiWo, Jr. celebrated his first birthday with a party last Saturday in the spacious yard of grandmother, Annette Brantley along with parents Frank O. Wiwo and Antanise Brantley, god parents Donnell; Vanessa and Derrick Burke joined by guests Crystal Pittman and children; Joseph, Gwen, and Jaood, Claudia Slater, Nancy Reid, Teresa Floyd, Celeste Lomax. Other guests included JoAnn Allen, grandmother, Sade Allen, Chykim Sanders, Angel Collens, Mikevia Sanders, Tyrone Alford, Marcus Tate Dominique Soto, Janayne Graham, Silas and Tychicus Soto and Aalihyon Williams. Brantley thanked everyone for sharing the afternoon with her family , especially Sigma Gamma Rho, Inc. members.