Frustration, anger mount as crime spree continues in Miami Gardens

Mayor, commission approve $20K fund to elicit community “tips”

D. Kevin McNeir | 8/22/2013, noon
Residents of Miami Gardens are in an uproar — angry and frustrated by a recent wave of shootings and deaths ...

New fund will reward those who tell on criminals

According to City Manager Danny Crew, a special council meeting was held last Monday that set up a fund to increase the amount of rewards given to those who provide information towards solving serious crimes in Miami Gardens. The fund works through Crime stoppers with an initial allocation of $20,000.

“These dollars came from our general funds — money that can be used at the council’s discretion and that are part of our emergency reserves,” Crew said. “No other programs have been impacted as these dollars come from our reserves [an amount in excess

of $1M].

Crew added that an anonymous donor has also given $25,000 towards the same effort.

“We will use the money from our generous donor first and then use the City’s allocation if and when it is needed,” he added. “This decision is effective through Sept. 30 — the end of the fiscal year. We’ll assess what to do with the program after that.”

City Mayor Oliver Gilbert has been working with the police and citizens, including giving an update on a recent radio show to discuss ways to reclaim safer streets.

“There are horrible criminals in our midst and we are seeking the information we need to get them off the streets,” he said. “We believe this new program will give a needed incentive to those who are aware of criminal activities but may have been reluctant to come forward. But this is not a police problem, it’s a community problem. Policing will never replace parenting and until we break away from this culture of apathy and silence, we will never be able to rid ourselves of the few among us who have no value for life.”