People: August 28, 2013

Anna Sweeting | 8/29/2013, 9 a.m.

Returning home on the sad journey to bury their beloved mothers, aunts and cousins, Jacquelyn Finley-Livingston, Helen Finley-Spires and Audrey Finley were family members: Terrence and Vernal Livingston, Sr.; Flai Livingston-Richardson and husband Bobby; Shelly Spires Powers, husband Gregory and children; Brenda Hepburn-Eddy and son Roderic Knowles.

Wedding anniversary greetings go out to George and Cobboril (Bea) Davis, 60 years. Father and Mrs. Richard and Virla Barry-51 years; Phillip and Joycelyn Crumiel, 45 years; Freddie (Jabbo) and Sharon D. Johnson, 46 years. Dr. and Mrs. Gershwin and Donna Blyden, 38 years. Happy belated birthday to our beloved priest Father Denrick Rolle who celebrated his natal day on August 18th. May you enjoy many, many more birthdays!

Get well wishes to the many sick and shut-ins. May all of you soon return to good health!

Here’s a date to save. October 19. The winter months of St. Agnes will sponsor a fun day to Key West for the Goombay Festival.

Your best days- school days. Stay in school! Learn all that you are capable of learning and you will not regret! Graduating- you owe that much to yourself and your parents!

Everyone enjoyed school when we attended. There were no if’s, and’s or but’s and we always went to Sunday school and church on Sunday. We were glad to see our friends we had not seen since Friday!