Jesus Loves Me celebrates 9th anniversary

“Prepared people for prepared work”

Gigi Tinsley | 12/5/2013, 9 a.m.
“Pastor Diane E. Owens is a very God-driven, outgoing individual who is dependable and enjoys helping children in the community ...

“Pastor Diane E. Owens is a very God-driven, outgoing individual who is dependable and enjoys helping children in the community educationally and spiritually, “Sister Holly Lee said. “She shows her concern for all of us. Many of our services are held outside of the building [BAC Bldg. at 6600 NW 27th Ave.] because some of the members and visitors have physical problems and difficulty climbing stairs.”

Owens started her career in the gospel ministry unexpectedly. She was working with Women in Transition. “These are young and older women whose lives have gotten off track and all they need is a little encouragement, love, support and guidance,” Owens said. “For nine years, I went to the Rescue Mission to speak with the homeless. I taught computer lessons and met with women in distress directly across from the Mission and that was the beginning of a ministry I did not know was a ministry.”

“Greatness” is a word used by Owens to all the women and men she comes in contact with. “I use greatness because that is what all of us should be working towards,” Owens said.

In 2004, Owens was a member of Word of Life pastored by Rev. Richard Dunn.

She said she attended a breakfast sponsored by the church and the Lord spoke to her heart and instructed me to go to the park. “I asked a few women and family members to go with me to the Legion Park at 6447 N.E. 7th and when I got there, we sat under a tree and I spoke to them about things that the Lord had laid on my heart and in my mind.”

Owens met Greg Jacobs on Thanksgiving morning and they began to talk about what she did.

She said she explained that she taught computer science to women she came in contact with but at the moment her computers were in storage because she did not have the funds to rent a place to use as a classroom.

“Jacobs was renting a three-unit building on 23rd Street and 1st Avenue and offered me the use of one of the units for my computer classes and to have meetings with the Women In Transition.

The official beginning of our ministry — Jesus Loves Me Int’l Ministries, beginning Nov. 24, 2004,” Owens said. “We stayed there, rent free, for three years. I believe the landlord thought he was getting rent from us and kept increasing his rent. God blessed us with many “firsts” in that building and we will be eternally thankful to God and Jacobs.”

JLMIM then moved to 4746 NW 7th Avenue, said Owens and a year later, Greg moved out of the building too. After a three year stint at the Embassy Suites, we moved to our current address in 2012 and are looking for God to manifest himself even more.

“She is an incredible teacher and leader,” Said Deacon Gregory Wells, the 57-year-old brother of Pastor Owens. “I saw all of the people in the church smoking, drinking and cursing and though I was not going to church, I didn’t do those things. She changed my way of thinking. I now know that I am responsible for my actions and God is going to hold me accountable for all of my actions. I want to be ready when he comes or when I go.”