“Wiz Winter Wonderland” to usher in the holiday spirit

D. Kevin McNeir | 12/5/2013, 9 a.m.
Quietly becoming one of the most talked-about singing ensembles in South Florida, the Girls’ Choir of Miami is preparing for ...
Liberty City youth finds joy in singing.

Quietly becoming one of the most talked-about singing ensembles in South Florida, the Girls’ Choir of Miami is preparing for their 2nd annual holiday extravaganza featuring songs from “The Wiz” along with other seasonal favorites. The Choir was founded a year ago by Gail Seay and is the brainchild of Thema Campbell, president and CEO of Girl Power under whose umbrella the Choir currently exists. Seay, a Miami native and part of a family of established singers and musicians, says the Choir has had nothing but positive feedback since its first Christmas concert last year.

“We continue to get invitations for the girls to come out and sing and each time just gives them more opportunities to display their talent,” Seay said. “When we first put the choir together, our primary goal was to help redirect their energy into more positive activities like music and art. Our girls are dealing with issues of wanted to be needed and wanting to be part of something that is constructive and engaging. Girls want to know that they’re important and just like boys, need to be affirmed in a positive manner.”

More about the “new” Wiz

Johanna Thompson, a volunteer with Girl Power and whose daughter Jade is one of the principal actors in the show, readapted the show and serves as the associate producer.

Young thespian says 'Girl Power Rocks!'

Young thespian says 'Girl Power Rocks!'

“Music helps the girls to stay focused and has proven to be a key factor in their achieving academic excellence,” she said. “The Choir is a performance group that is showcased throughout the tri-county area. It’s a great way for them to learn about theater and to also work with other talented singers and dancers who do it professionally.”

“We believe that the holidays are a time of year when we share our love and blessings with one another,” Campbell said. “Girl Power wish to share our love of music and

the talent of young girls from Liberty City, Little Haiti, Wynwood, Overtown

and Broward County. We feel truly blessed and honored to present these amazing young girls as they sing from their hearts and help South Florida ring in the holidays with good music, good fun and good cheer.”

The extravaganza will be held at Beth David Congregation, 2625 SW 3rd Avenue, Miami and starts with a VIP reception from 3-4:30 p.m. Curtain opens at 5 p.m.

For more information call 305-756-5502. Guest performers include: Rochelle Lightfoot, Maryell Epps, Kevin McNeir, Cantor Julie Jacobs and the Beth David Congregation Youth Choir.