Chatter That Matters

Dr. Richard Strachan | 12/19/2013, 9 a.m.
Congresswomen Frederica S. Wilson was full of joy when she walked into the Rouge Lounge on North Miami Beach last ...

Congresswomen Frederica S. Wilson was full of joy when she walked into the Rouge Lounge on North Miami Beach last Friday to enjoy an evening planned by the South Florida Hatters Club to raise funds for her campaign. It was a special night for Congresswoman as she reflected on the 5000 Role Models of Excellence and commended the staff for keeping the men in positive surroundings. The next event will be the Unity Breakfast, Jan. 20, 2014, at the Parrot Jungle. A big


Dr. Richard Strachan

salute goes out to DJ Ben Hoppe for entertaining the crowd doing “The Bubble,” while recording artist Rochelle Lightfoot had the crowd in the palm of her hand singing “Winter Wonder Land,” “The Christmas Song,” “Have a Merry Christmas” and “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.” Others attending included: Tamara Philippeaux, Marcus Dixon, Dr. Malcolm Black, Lamar Johnson, Willie Granger, Jimmy Harrell, Jaylyn Tabon, Paul Wilson, who introduced his mom and brought blushes to her cheeks. Lonnie McCarty and Wanda Green provided the community with a pre-prayer Christmas breakfast last Saturday at their church, Christian Fellowship MBC, with the theme: Jesus is the reason for the season. The program began with a prayer along with fantastic singing beginning with the Singing Angels. After a delicious breakfast, the Singing Angels closed things out with Christmas carols. Some attendees included: Mary Simmons, Nettie Murphy, Mae Etta Lowery, Sheila and Joe Mack, Audrey Williams, Grace Saunders, Constance Ekon, Anaton Bell, Esmie Taylor, Evelyn Dorsett, Mamie Horne, Ruby Allen and Gloria Pacley.

When we think of “Overtown” we reflect on the Harlem Square Club, Rockland Palace, The Sir John and The Knight Beat where the new dances that were revealed. Then there were fixtures like St. John Baptist Church, Ebenezer UMC, Mount Zion AME, and “Nasty Man” a fledgling restaurant, and, of course, Douglas, Phyllis Wheatley, Dunbar, and Booker T. Washington (BTW)— and Bethel AME members. Fortunately, Coach “Ice” Harris had a vision to go into “Overtown” and preserve the athletics at BTW. His start was slow but the encouragement was instilled into the players and the past five years have been a success with BTW constantly in the hunt for a state title. Currently, Coach Harris and the team were informed they were in contention for a National Championship for 2013 — a feat that will put them in the history books.