Co-founders Albricka, Andre launch digital media company

former federal government workers pursue their dreams

Ashley Montgomery | 12/19/2013, 9 a.m.
Founder of Eye Urban Television, Andre Williams, has teamed up with Albricka Gordon and seized a window of opportunity. Eye ...
Andre Williamsand Albricka Gordon

Founder of Eye Urban Television, Andre Williams, has teamed up with Albricka Gordon and seized a window of opportunity. Eye Urban TV started as an idea to reach the masses through websites, social media marketing and various media. The duo met while working for the Transportation Security Administration and decided to pursue this dream full time — so they resigned to officially launch EyeUrbanTV.com. 

Williams attended Cinema for Media Arts in New York City where he learned the nuts and bolts about recording and audio production and then earned an associate’s degree from Miami Dade College in Business. 

“I was just starting the whole process and I was looking for people to interview — I was asking my co-workers and they all kept telling me about Albricka,” he said.

At the time, Albricka was doing her thing as spoken word artist so Williams chose her as his very first interview. 

“Ever since, we’ve been partners,” he added.  

Both say that many people believed they were crazy for stepping out on faith with only possibility and opportunity to lean on but they refused to let that stop them. The pair soon discovered that by giving local exposure to the community via video interviews, they would find themselves in the foreign terrain of digital media. Williams wanted to conduct interviews of the South Florida night life so he developed a camera set-up. 

“It was simple yet effective,” Williams said. 

He conceptualized a configuration with a basic HD camera, mounted panel light and attached microphone, mounted on a monopod called “Roguilla.” With this “on-the-fly” set-up, Gordon and Williams have since adopted a technique that is now the industry standard for nightlife filming throughout the nation. 

Setbacks seen as room for growth  

Since its official launch in December 2009, Eye Urban TV has experienced growing pains — setbacks that have only made them stronger. 

“Some of the challenges we faced when getting started was getting Black businesses to get on board with this type of media marketing,” Williams said. “We had to explain to them how it’s needed in this day and age.”  

Now in a world where you can record anything with the tap of a button on your smartphone, Williams has businesses lining up. The company has been able to sustain itself financially thanks to the community’s generous support. 

Eyeurbantv.com has interviewed the likes of Grammy-nominated rhythm and blues singer, Anthony David; Grammy-award winning singer, Mya; Kandi Burruss of Real Housewives of Atlanta; Comedian George Wilborn of the Michael Baisden Show; Christian Keyes; Betty Wright; Tom Joyner and Flo Rida. And they’ve had some notable clients too: The Greater Miami Convention Visitors & Bureau; The Black Hospitality Initiative; the Consortium for a Healthier Miami Dade; Circle of One Marketing; and OIC of South Florida. 

“Our ultimate goal is to operate much like a television station online that creates stars,” Gordon said.