Miami Times prepares for million dollar makeover

Will relocate to temporary space at Brownsville Center

D. Kevin McNeir | 12/19/2013, 9 a.m.
The home of the award-winning and oldest Black newspaper in the South, The Miami Times, is about to change — ...

The home of the award-winning and oldest Black newspaper in the South, The Miami Times, is about to change — but just for an approximate four months. Beginning Monday, Dec. 30, the Times will relocate to the Brownsville Center, 2537 NW 54th Street, so that a million dollar renovation of the current office on 900 NW 54th Street can begin.

Employees have known for months that renovations were in the making and were prepared to adjust work schedules and contend with dust, stacks of papers and construction workers in order to continue a publishing schedule that has not been interrupted, even during war, since our founding by H.E.S. Reeves in 1923. But as the current publisher, Rachel J. Reeves, combed over blueprints and made decisions on everything from modernized workstations and a work/study room for reporters to an enhanced lobby for customers, she says it became apparent that moving for a brief period, while a little inconvenient, would ultimately allow construction to be completed in a shorter time span.

When the work is done next spring, the newly-renovated offices of The Miami Times will rival any 21st century workspace in the country. The family-owned publication has only been in three locations since its founding — first in Overtown, from 1924 to 1954, then in Liberty City on NW 15th Avenue for a 12-year period and then to our current location on NW 54th Street in 1967.

The iconic building, designed by Alfred Browning Parker, a modernist architect and Florida resident,was built in the mid-20th century and has been lauded as one of the most beautifully and intricately designed commercial offices in Miami-Dade County. Prior to being purchased by The Miami Times, the building was the home of the General Capital Corporation.

Reeves says that while customers may have to adjust to our new location, she and the staff of The Miami Times will remain committed to excellent customer service and to providing a weekly publication that continues to bear witness to issues of importance to the Black community.

Our phone and fax machine numbers as well as our e-mail addresses will remain the same.