A pastor, mentor and great trainer retires

McIntyre leaves pastoring but will continue God’s work

Gigi Tinsley | 12/19/2013, 9 a.m.
Rev. Marvin James McIntyre, Sr. a very reserved, disciplined, calm, “Christ-influenced,” 78 year-old pastor is leaving that career to take ...

Rev. Marvin James McIntyre, Sr. a very reserved, disciplined, calm, “Christ-influenced,” 78 year-old pastor is leaving that career to take on a more “evangelistic one.” He says, “I am leaving the pulpit/pastoral part of the job I have proudly done for 33 years but will always be a spokesperson for the Lord.”

The young man, personally selected, to replace McIntyre is Rev. Brandon Jones, the son of Lisa Frazier and Leroy Jones, who is not only a preacher but also the Minister of Music at Pilgrim Rest M.B. Church. It all begin with Rev. Jones rendering music at Union Grove M.B. Church the third Sunday of each month for a long period of time. McIntyre said, it afforded him the opportunity to monitor the young man and concluded that “what I saw was a young man who loves the Lord and has a heart that is in line with the characteristics of the Lord’s.”

McIntyre was born in Cairo, GA. and in 1956 at the age of 21and two days before Thanksgiving, he and two of his friends left GA to come to FL to pick oranges. “We were tired of working on the farms and wanted to come to FL and ‘earn a lot of money,” McIntyre said. Their first stop was in Bartow, FL and they spent their first night in Pompano Beach, with relatives of his friends.

The first job they got after arriving in Miami was at the Roney Plaza Hotel. “We felt like children at Christmastime,” said McIntyre. “Not only did we have a job inside a clean, nice hotel, we had luxury of receiving three free meals a day and if we wanted to, could stay overnight in rooms made available for some employees. Our next job was even better. It was at The Fountainbleau Hotel on Miami Beach. That was where I met my wife, Robbie, of 50 plus years.”

“I had no intention of marrying Marvin,” Robbie McIntyre said, “I thought telling him I had five children he would move,” she laughed and added, they have been together ever since [55 years] and he is the same now as he was then. The McIntyres are the parents of eight.

The young men hung out Overtown on their days off. They begin to meet young people who became their friends and wanted to have a place their friends could drop by when they were not working. They could not do that in the rooms allocated for employees at the hotel. They wanted their own place in the city.

“We met a lady whom I soon referred to as my second momma, Ms. Mattie Baker, who offered me a place to live. She had a large house between six ave. and six ct. on 13th St. [near Booker T. Washington Senior High School] and that was among the many blessings we received from the Lord,” McIntyre stated.

McIntyre spoke about many “firsts” he experienced as a father and a pastor “and I thank God for all of them.”

McIntyre married Robbie and instantly became the father of five. He was one of the individuals who helped breakdown the barriers that pastors had in many churches stopped women from speaking from the pulpit.

He carries a busload of congregants to Sumpter, S.C. annually, where he and his wife offer their newly built home, tents and 33 acres to them while they attend what is now called their “Homecoming Service Weekend.”

McIntyre said, “I ran away from the farm when I came to FL and now I am running back to the farm when I go to live in Sumpter and watch nature at work..”