Businesswoman breaks into nail care industry

Ashley Montgomery | 12/25/2013, 9 a.m.
Chayann Fenn

Blacks are starting businesses at greater rates than ever before, but they are also failing at greater rates according to a study by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation.

Chayann Fenn, is looking to change the stature of the nail salon game with a her ambition and determination. Owner of Nice Nails Hands & Feet Spa [located at 6301 NW 6th Ave suite 6], Fenn, who is 30, says that without God this opportunity may have never come.

A graduate of Beauty Schools of America, Fenn says she opened her salon in the inner-city because she wanted people to learn about nail care, have a place to come and relax and give back by hosting community events.

“It took one year to get my salon up an running,” Fenn said.

“It was a hard task but I kept pushing until the doors were finally open.”

Fenn, who specializes in healthy nails and feet by using the proper material and sterilization, understands the challenges of entering an Asian-dominated nail industry.

“I really want to break Blacks out of the habit of going to other nail salons that are not our own,” Fenn said.

“Most of them are using methyl methacrylate also known as MMA which is a dental acrylic that should not be used on nails.”

Fenn wants the community to know that Blacks need to support one another more. Her first passion was and will always be hair but she says she understood the importance of the role she had to take on to spark a change in the community.

“Here at Nice Nails we wear our own products and are happy to have you — when you come here we treat you more like a friend than a client, I create bonds with my customers, as opposed to other owners in this industry,” said Fenn.

Fenn is running her salon with three other employees, two nail techs and one male pedicurist.

Fenn is always hiring and is expected to have her first networking event in 2014.

Fenn says those interested are welcome to walk-in and apply or follow her Instagram [@nicenailz62] and Twitter [@chyannfenn] for alerts.

With no family and virtually no help, she credits God and her hustling spirit to her success and looks forward to shifting the nail care industry in Miami.