Famed muralist premiers film about the power of art

Kyle Holbrook brings team from MLK Mural to Little Haiti

D. Kevin McNeir | 12/25/2013, 9 a.m.
Kyle Holbrook

“I want to treat ‘Art of Life’ like an organic piece of public art — we capture everyday normal life and incorporate it into our film,” says Kyle Holbrook, who recently made his debut as a film director after establishing himself as one of the country’s most talented mural artists.

His feature length film, “Art of Life,” was shown last weekend as part of the Rhythm Foundation and Little Haiti Cultural Center Big Night in Little Haiti that takes place each month.

Holbrook is also the executive director of the MLK Mural — a group of youth armed with paint brushes that transform Black communities with mural that tell stories, share dreams and allow young people to discover their talents.

The film is based on the notion that youth in the hood, no matter what part of the country, often lack a path or a toolkit for survival. And even if that toolkit is available, one sometimes needs an guide or an angel to illuminate where it is. Holbrook not only directs but co-stars in the film and wrote some of the original music. And as it he blends the magic of cinema, animation, sketches, paintings and music, we learn that art is all around us — even those who feel like they are trapped in the darkness.”

After the debut last Friday, the audience was treated with a special performance by the musician Wolfgang who shared an original track from the soundtrack of the film.

Sounds pretty amazing huh? Well go to www.artoflifethemovie.com for more.