Chatter That Matters: February 6, 2013

caines | 2/7/2013, 4:30 a.m.

This columnist would like to salute the leaders of the forum held last Saturday at the Miami Shores Country Club that focused on fundamental issues of worship: Dr. Pamela Green, T. Eileen M. Robinson, Sandra H. Mays, Rev. Harold Lewis, Rev. Dr. Joreatha M. Capers, and Dr. James Abbington. Panelists included : Lillian Thomas; Charles Dunbar; Veronica E. Brooks,; and Zaviyah Uniqueca Teague; and mistress of ceremonies Rev. Dr. Cedrita D. Siplin Reid. The forum participants discussed strategies in worship that matters emphasizing church attendance, initiative, ingenuity and sharing. Others in attendance were: Shirley Jackson; Minister Gregory Robinson; Minister Eddie Mercado; Minister David Staples; Gladys McArthur and Minister Brenton Lopez. Thanks to Rev. Jimmie King, for aiding Marie Marable in creating a viable drug and alcohol prevention committee. Committee volunteers, who set up booths in the parking lot of his church, were able to raise money to help provide funds for this critical program. Some of the volunteers were: Tananna Gaitor;Angelia McCaskil;, Cynthia Hall; Mother Hall; Ulysses and Emily Howard, Archie McKay, Brenda and Anisel Wooten, Pat and Cecil Daniels. We pause to recognize Dr. Mother Smith, 80, an ordained minister who attended Jacksonville Theological Seminary. The Gwen Cherry Bulls 80 lb., Swagg Boyz are the 2012 Generation Nexxt State Champions. They have won the Sean Taylor Classic for three years consecutively. The team was formed in 2009 when they were all four and five-year olds. This very talented group of kids, excel on the field and in school. Our congratulations to these out standing athletes and students T. Dickens, J. Rogers, D. Johnson, R. McKnight, R. Davis, Z. Turner, S. Charles, A. Minor, M. Allen, M. Johnson, G. Streeter, J. Flagg, S. Flagg, J.Miller, A. Romer, A. Bridgers, C. Gibson, F. Nolton, K. Reaves, J. Walden, M. Bethel, A. Jean, T. Wesley, Coach Pookie and T. Hallman. By Dr. Richard Strachan