Pastor believes he has seen heaven

caines | 2/7/2013, 4:30 a.m.

Training people to be true sons of God

Rev. Melvin Grace, 62, pastor of Gods Total Word Ministry, says he remembers seeing Heaven. In May 2004, Grace had a life-altering experience after having an aneurysm which induced a stroke and left him in a coma for a month. It was during this time he believes he visited Heaven. He was on a floor that looked like water but was pure gold. God was wearing a pure white robe with gold trimming that looked like it was a part of Him. Grace said he fell to the floor crying saying God, Im your son. But God responded saying Jesus is my son because He is my word. If you want to be my son, you must be my word, God said. Then God picked up Grace like a baby and filled him with His word and with light, Grace recalled. Now youre my son God said. After waking up from the coma, Grace had lost a lot of his long-term memory and was unable to identify some of his family members and had forgotten special moments shared with his wife, children and even his life as a pastor.

New life, new outlook

When I came back, all I knew was the word, Grace said. Along with the aneurysm and stroke, Grace has had many other health issues that he believes comes from serving in the Vietnam War, but God has kept him throughout all of his medical problems. He believes God brought him back to Earth to finish his assignment. Im here to do what Christ sent me to do, he said. God allowed me to come back and finish what I started. It will be greater, bigger and will prosper. He said his assignment is to train people on how to be sons of God, how to walk in the spirit and do Gods will by not being church-minded but by being God-minded. After starting a ministry in Orlando and being away from Miami for five years, Grace has returned to the city to restart the ministry that he started years ago. The time spent in Orlando was his training from God. Grace made comparisons to what he witnessed in Heaven to the things that occur on Earth, saying that many things that are done at churches are not of God, but sometimes led by emotions. For instance, he believes that the enemy has tainted some Christian music. God is not moved by our music because its tainted, Grace said. God has a purpose with the music for the soul. I pray we do get it. He also believes that some church leaders get so emotional that they may miss what God is saying to them, and may not deliver the right message. A lot of times, we get carried away with our emotions, he said. But [some] need to calm down and not raise your emotions, but raise your attention to hear what God is saying to you. By Malika A. Wrightmwright@miamitimesonline.com