Street Talk: February 6, 2013

caines | 2/7/2013, 4:30 a.m.

Have Blacks become apathetic towards Black History Month?

Deborah McCaskill, 49Miami, disabled Ive seen people who do care. And of course, I care, too. I mean I would go berserk if they take it out of the schools. James Smith, 65Liberty City, retired Their eyes are closed to their history. Theres no unity or kinship, but we must remember that we are essential to this country. Edward Kinsey III, 23Miami, customer service I think they care, but some are stuck thinking that its in the past, and they arent focused on progressional movements of 2013. Joe Lewis, 59 Miami, retired barber I think people care about it. They have several programs in the area at different places, like at the cultural centers. Phil Phillips, 45Miami Gardens, photographer I think so. I dont think we even care about us anymore. Were constantly shooting and killing each other over nonsense. Bernard Bienaime, 31Miami, customer service I think Black people care. The community actually does support each other take for instance, how Blacks supported President Obama.