Street Talk: February 13, 2013

caines | 2/14/2013, 4:30 a.m.

Do Blacks support Black businesses enough?

Treniece Thornton, 23Ft. Lauderdale, unemployed No, they feel that Black establishments are trashy, so they prefer to go to a suburban area where it supposedly cleaner. Marie Simon, 24Miami Gardens, teacher We try to support each other, but it could better. Mariah Delgado, 22Miami Gardens, student No its the crab in the bucket effect. People only get involved if itll benefit them. Natasha Styles, 40Miami Gardens, teacher No, the always want the product for less than what youre selling it for. Yet theyll go to other cultures and pay their price. Eugene Styles, 42Miami Gardens, chef It could be blamed on both, some businesses decide not to give their best. And some customers want to sample your product before they buy. You cant make money that way. Eshwa Eka, 23Miami Gardens, student No they dont. Theres no unity within the Black community.