Chatter That Matters: February 21, 2013

caines | 2/21/2013, 4:30 a.m.

The Booker T. Washington Alumni Association, Inc., led by Roberta C. Daniels, president, presented its Orange, Black and White Tea recognizing graduates of the six historical Black high schools in our community and 11 unsung heroes all graduates of high schools in Miami-Dade County. The heroes included: Dr. Enid C. Pinckney, BTW, 1949; Cecilia Jones, Mays, 1965; Alstene McKinney, Dorsey, 1955; Priscilla A. Dobbs, North Dade, 1964; Harcourt Clark, Carver, 1953; and Regina J.Frazier, Northwestern, 1961. Other heroes honored included: Thomas Leo Albury, Jr., Madeline Hepburn Atwell, Otis Collier, Johnnie Fields, Frank G. Hall, Anne T. Herriott, Eddie L. Redding, Dr. Richard Strachan, Girlean Gigi Tinsley, Lee Waters and Dr. Freddie G. Young. They all stood with pride as their names were presented on television screens courtesy of WEDR99 JAMZ. Appreciation was given to Cecilia Hunter, chair and Paulette Martin co-chair, as well as Derrick Baker of WEDR 99JAMZ. The retired brothers of Sigma Alpha Chapter, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., held their annual Valentines Day luncheon last Thursday at the Omega Activity Center. Stacy Jones chaired this activity assisted by committee members Anthony Simon, Henry Mingo, Garth Reeves, Norman Cox, Stan Allen, Oscar Jesse and Baljean Smith. Special recognition was given to the widows of deceased Omega men and everyone had a good time listening to songs like My Funny Valentine, I Love You Truly and Let Me Call You Sweetheart, played by the Psi Phi Band. Brothers and guests included: Stan and Sarah Allen; James and Barbara Anders; Theodore and Kitty Blue; Mack and Sharon Carter; Harcourt Clark; Norman and Estelle Cox; Earl and Alice Daniels; Johnny and Mary Davis; Harry and Carmen Dawkins; Dr. Herman Dorsett; Peter Harden; Oscar and Mary Jessie; Stacey and Mary Jones; Dr. Astrid Mack; Henry Mingo; Richard and Maxine Mitchell; Garth Reeves and Barbara Johnson; Johnny and Mary Robinson; Audley Salahud-Din; John Shaw; Anthony and Caroline Simons; Baljean and Naomi Smith; Johnny Stepherson; David White and John and Annette Williams. A full board meeting applauded The Honorable Dorothy Dottie Johnson, vice chair; Dr. Enid C. Pinkney, CEO; Dr. Richard J. Strachan, vice president; Isabella Rosete, secretary; Dr. Edwin T. Demeritte, treasurer; Dr. Larry Capp; Rev. Jesse Martin; Ruby Rayford; Juanita Johnson and Florence Strachan, who were elected to the Historic Hampton House Community Trust [HHHCT]. Members of the advisory board that include: Martha Anderson, Dr. Gay F. Outler, Arva Moore Parks, Leslie Rivera, Harvey Ruvin, Kathy Hersh, Dr. Mary Hylor, Leroy Jones, Penny Lambeth, Anthony Dixon, Ph.D. and Betty Ferguson, extended a warm welcome to new member Cecilia Stewart.