Does hip hop lead to death?

caines | 2/21/2013, 4:30 a.m.

Another weekend of violence in Chicago, Illinois claimed the life of another young student. Eighteen-year-old Janay McFarlane was gunned down in suburban North Chicago. All of this as President Obama is focusing on gun control laws amidst all of the violence going on not only in Chicago but in U.S. inner cities everywhere. She was killed only hours after her sister attended a speech by the president. The madness has got to stop but it will take us coming up with some answers after closely examining the problems we face. It is disturbing to listen to urban radio these days. Every song is about b--ches, h--s, money, drugs, violence, etc. Our children listen to these songs whether parents ban them from their homes or not. When will radio program directors have theguts to say to hip hop artists that enough is enough? The culture of gang violence in todays hip hop is overwhelming. But one cannot put the entire blame on hip hop artists because as parents we know that it begins and ends with us. Still, it is our more popular radio stations that continue to play songs that promote ignorance and violence through ignorant rap songs. As for songs that insult our sisters, Black women need to stand up to and refuse to accept the kinds of songs that continue to degrade them. Its time that those closest to the hip hop movement take a closer look at our culture and come up with some alternative ideas. Does our music need to be so violent, profane and derogatory? Does it contribute to the lost mindset of our young people? These questions need answers, soon. Too many children are dying. The Sports Brothers, Jeff Fox & Ed Freeman, can be heard daily on 560 WQAM Sports.