Miss Haiti International Pageant comes to Miami

caines | 2/27/2013, 6:54 a.m.

Contestants compete from all over the world

When Hermanie Pierre, 26, traded in her hardhat and civil engineer uniform for a pageant dress, her beauty glared inside and out as she was awarded Miss Haiti International 2012. But Pierre did not stop there; she went on to become the first Haitian participant in the Miss International pageant, in which she became a finalist and won Miss Congeniality. This time around, Pierre is the organizer of the Miss Haiti International, the Mrs. Haiti International and the Miss Teen Haiti pageant that will be held at North Miami Senior High School, March 16th. The event will not only showcase several beautiful and impactful Haitian-American women and teenage girls, but it will also feature performances by several Haitian entertainers along with other surprises. More than just beauty According to Pierre, the pageant is important because the main focus is community service and social, economic, political and charity concerns. When Pierre competed, her social concern was creating a better tomorrow for todays children.In efforts of serving children who were in need, she created a scholarship fund, which she financed to help students in Haiti who were experiencing hardship while trying to pay for school. The competition is split up into different phases and contestants are judged by their personal interview, presentation, and appearance in their fashion runway wear, fitness wear and evening gowns. Pierre said the pageant will be a wonderful way to celebrate and promote Haitian culture. The contestants of Haitian descent will come from all over the country and even from outside of the country to compete for the titles of Miss Haiti International (ages 19-29, single, never married and with no children), Mrs. Haiti International (ages 21-56, married) and Miss Teen Haiti (ages 13-18). Pierre, who resides in Little Rock, Arkansas and works at the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department, said she plans to continue to work with young people and be involved in pageants in the future. I want to continue the legacy [so that] our teens, young and married women [can] promote Haiti in a positive image and help come up with solutions for some of our issues that we are having in our community and in Haiti. By Malika A. Wrightmwright@Miamitimesonline.com